Connecting What Matters: Landscape-scale connectivity is the future of conservation.

The Conservation Trust for Florida is looking ahead, and there is a lot to look forward to. We know that there is still time to play a meaningful role in shaping Florida’s conservation future. The wild and rural Florida you love is still out there, and we are working to keep it that way. The key is to continue working at a landscape scale.

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Press Release: CTF Negotiates Acquisition of Silver Springs Forest

The Conservation Trust for Florida, a nonprofit landtrust, has negotiated the acquisition of almost 4,900 acres directly north of Silver Springs State Park as part of its statewide strategy to protect land with high conservation value. The property, called Silver Springs Forest, is within the Silver Springs watershed and will help recharge the Floridan Aquifer and reduce nutrient pollution entering the Silver and Oklawaha rivers. It will also provide a vital link between other protected lands, creating more habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunities for visitors to Florida’s parks.

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Perspective: How much land to protect?

In his fact-centered article, CTF Greenways Program Research Scientist Tom Hoctor addresses the contention that Florida has enough conservation land. Dr. Hoctor makes it clear that we in fact may need much more, perhaps as much as 50% of the state’s landmass.

For more than three decades, states Hoctor, Florida has led the nation in using science to identify the most important areas to protect. Many unprotected acres remain that are essential for conservation of biodiversity and to sustain human populations.

“As a starting point, we need to use Amendment 1 to revitalize the funding of our landmark Florida Forever program,” said Hoctor. “There is no legitimate, science-based or economic argument against returning Florida Forever to a minimum annual funding of $300 million a year.”

Read more about the extent and preservation of Floria’s “Green infrastructure” in the Tampa Bay times.

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Get the Summer 2015 POST Newsletter

In this issue of the Conservation Trust for Florida’s newsletter, THE POST, read CTF President, Susan Carr’s vision for the future of conservation in Florida. Through Board Member Lisa Gearen’s article, you can travel with CTF on their recent visit to Adams ranch and its open spaces. You’ll also see how you can support landscape-size conservation efforts in Florida, whether through direct donations or participation in events such as “Dancing with the Bears.”

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Conservation Trust for Florida’s FREE Barr Hammock Preserve Family Nature Club Valentine’s Hike

Gainesville Ecotours led a Family Nature Club “Alphabet Hike” for children at the Barr Hammock Levy Prairie Preserve on Saturday, February 15, 2014. The event was sponsored by the Conservation Trust for Florida. Sixteen parents and 22 children set out to find, “A is for Ants, Alligators, and P is for Plants!” The preserve is owned by Alachua County, but the Conservation Trust for Florida and Alachua County partner to provide outreach activities…

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