State moves to save 772-acre Madison County ranch

Sampala Lake View

“The Conservation Trust for Florida is dedicated to safeguarding Florida’s natural and agricultural landscapes, and protecting land that supports Florida’s family farms and ranches,” said Traci Deen, the group’s executive director. “This project does all of that. More, placing this property in conservation protects a piece of Florida history forever. That’s really something special.”

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2018 Annual Meeting

CTF’s 2018 Annual Meeting 3.15.18 at Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville, Florida, 6-8PM Join us! Admission is free.  Enjoy cold craft beer, light food, and good music on us. Learn about conservation and our organization. Mingle with others who share your love of Florida at one of the coolest spaces in Gainesville! Listen to a rockin’ […]

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Connecting What Matters: Landscape-scale connectivity is the future of conservation.

The Conservation Trust for Florida is looking ahead, and there is a lot to look forward to. We know that there is still time to play a meaningful role in shaping Florida’s conservation future. The wild and rural Florida you love is still out there, and we are working to keep it that way. The key is to continue working at a landscape scale.

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